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This section outlines the steps of sourcing, engaging and paying for Hypno-Link services provided for NDIS participants.

Step 1. For NDIS participants that are not self managed, a Service Plan will be created, with the assistance from NDIA or a local planning / coordinating agency.  The Service Plan will outline  participant's outcomes and supports funded by NDIS to assist in fulfilment of participant's goals.  The Plan Manager will ensure that the funded supports selected by participant and representative are aligned with the NDIA pricing guide. The payment for NDIS services will be funded by NDIA. 

Step 2. After the Plan Management service is completed, the Plan Manager will submit a Payment Request on My Place / Participant's portal.  If other services in addition to Plan Management are required, Plan Manager will add additional service bookings on behalf of the participant.  The Plan Manager will also ensure that the selected funded supports are aligned with the NDIA pricing guide and that they respect participants' rights for choice and control in respect to service selection.

Self-managing participants can negotiate the prices directly with service providers and can enlist services from any service providers who may or may not be NDIS registered.

Step 3.  The participants and families will choose and engage with the services they wish to use as their funded support providers.  Alternatively, the local planning / coordinating agency can also assist the participant and family in finding and engaging with relevant service providers. 

It is important to note that providers are only able to provide services for which they are approved under NDIS and only when these services and their category are listed on the participant's plan.

Step 4  At this stage the Service Quote may be requested by either a participant or the Plan Manager via My Place, using a Quote Request Form.

Step 5. If participant accepts the quote, a Service Booking can be organised by NDIS participant.  Participants who do not have access to an internet or need assistance in this area, can ask their local coordinating / planning agency for support.  Alternatively, participants or their representatives can also ask their preferred service providers, such as Hypno-Link to create and accept Service Bookings on their behalf. 

Step 6. Once a Service Booking is accepted and services are provided, the Hypno-Link will send a Payment Request via Provider Portal and will be paid by NDIA out of the participant funding and In line with the NDIS pricing guide, The self funded NDIS participants will be expected to pay for Hypno-Link services at the end of their visit and this is where online payment may become handy.

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